March Special – VE/VF V8 Commodore THR Package

Spread the news! For the month of March we’ve decided to run a special for VE/VF V8 owners. From the factory all VE/VF V8 models are quite restricted, limiting horsepower and performance. Our package will transform your VE/VF V8 into a much more exciting machine. This special is limited to 10 kits only and covers all 6.0-litre and 6.2-litre V8 models (excluding LSA).

The package we’ve put together is a great value-for-money option for those looking for more power, more sound, and better fuel efficiency.

This special includes:

  • Tunehouse Over The Radiator Intake
  • Tunehouse Stainless Steel Cat Back Exhaust System
  • Tunehouse ECU Flash Upgrade
Tunehouse Custom Dyno Tune

Depending on the model, this kit will increase power by roughly 40kW* at the wheels.

Note: dyno graph below is of a 2015 6.2-litre VF SS V Series II.

All this for a March-only price of $2999. This is a saving of $799. We can’t stress that this special price is for March only, with only 10 kits available. Be sure to book your car in early before we all 10 kits are gone.

Available options:

  • Three-inch exhaust option – $220
  • Retain OEM bi-modal option (vacuum, three-inch only) – $550
  • Retain OEM bi-modal option (e-valve, three-inch only) – $660
  • Infill panel and fascia panel – $160
  • Carbon fibre exhaust tip option – $440

Note: This special includes some VE and VF HSV models (all non LSA vehicles).

*Power and torque figures are indicative only and will vary depending on the vehicle.

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