Five Reasons To Buy: MY15+ Subaru WRX

First launched in 2014, the MY15 Subaru WRX arrived on Australian shores with an all new chassis, new FA20 turbo engine, some new tech, and a funky new interior. Here’s five reasons the MY15+ WRX is a great buy.


Unlike previous model WRXs, the new model was slightly more tame and supple to ride in. Whereas the old model was peaky and had suspension that was too much on the firm side, the MY15+ model is more of a car the whole family could drive, but without losing its AWD turbo performance.



One drive of a MY15+ WRX, with either the factory six-speed manual or optional automatic CVT transmission, and you’ll appreciate the updated powertrain. This motor’s specialty, with its 197kW and 350Nm, is its strong low and mid range. This makes for effortless driving around town, with plenty left up top for open road highway commuting.



Many cars with AWD can lose some of their performance appeal when pushed hard. The MY15+ Subaru WRX can be put through its paces by just about anyone. And in all weather conditions. There’s still that slow in, fast out, AWD feel about it, but the latest model feels nimble and chuckable with very little in terms of chassis flex. This is all while, as mentioned above, remaining clam and supple suspension wise.



The moment you step inside it’s Japan all over. Except since the last generation, Subaru have really stepped up their game. The materials used have a premium feel, and the switchgear feels sturdy and nice to touch. We’ve seen lots of WRXs of this model come into Tunehouse and we’re yet to test drive one that has a rattle or a squeak.



Right from when we had the very first MY15+ WRX in the shop back in 2014 it was easy to see its potential. Right out of the box it’s a very good performance car, but with some simple tweaks and modifications there’s some very impressive gains to be had. We offer the following performance upgrades for the MY15+ Subaru WRX.

Stage 1: +30kW / Power & Economy

The Tunehouse Stage 1 upgrade provides your MY15+ WRX with improved performance, with just ECU mapping changes. The car is then 100% custom tuned on the dyno. We also optimise the cam timing, fuel, ignition and boost – all parameters are all tuned for maximum, safe performance.

  • 1x EcuTek License
  • 1x EcuTek Race-Rom Features
  • 1x Custom Dyno Tune

Stage 2: +40kW / Competitive Performance

The Tunehouse Stage 2 upgrade addresses the flow restriction of the exhaust by fitting a Tunehouse designed Turboback Exhaust and Tunehouse Cold Air Intake for maximum air flow. The car is then 100% custom tuned on our dyno for the best possible results.

  • Tunehouse Cold Air Intake
  • Tunehouse Turbo Back Exhaust
  • 1x EcuTek License
  • 1x EcuTek Race-Rom Features
  • 1x Custom Dyno Tune

Click here to learn more about MY15+ Subaru WRX performance upgrades.

If you own a MY15+ Subaru WRX and would like more information regarding your vehicle, a vehicle inspection, pre or post track inspection, log book servicing, or prices for performance upgrades, please feel free to send us an email at, or call (02) 9557 4000. Or alternatively, you can visit us at Tunehouse: 11 Chalder Street, Marrickville, NSW 2204.

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