EcuTek ECU Connect, latest features and changes

EcuTek has just announced the latest new features and updates for its ECU Connect app – which is available as a free download from the app store of your choice.

New dashboard widgets

The latest version of ECU Connect adds two new widgets to dashboards. The first is a vertical bar that allows for all the same options as the existing horizontal bar, but with more verticalness! The second new widget is the chart display, and this adds a lot of new options.

A chart display is a graph of one or more parameters, updated in real time. You can add multiple data channels, each in a different colour, and graph them over the last 5 to 30 seconds.

You can add as many parameters as you like to a single chart, each with their own colour. You can also set the minimum and maximum value for the vertical axis, or you can let ECU Connect calculate it automatically.

Once the chart is added to the dashboard, it will begin plotting the chosen parameters over time.


Dashboard colours

The latest version of ECU Connect expands your options considerably for customising widgets. It is now possible to set up colours on a per-widget basis, so every display on your dashboards can have individually customised colour schemes.

Additionally, when you are setting colours, it is now possible to specify how transparent you would like those colours to be. This is known as the alpha value (controlled by the “A” slider”), and it ranges from 0 (fully transparent) to 255 (fully opaque).

Using these transparency options, it is now possible to make much more sophisticated looking dashboards.


More performance analyser options

The performance analyser has been improved and now has additional performance measurement options, including 100 – 200 km/h and 200 – 300 km/h.


Other new features

  • You can now specify that each dashboard has its own background image. This allows you to create more customised dashboard backgrounds, where each one is fitted to a specific layout.
  • Additional demo vehicles are now available for Subaru BRZ and Ford EcoBoost, along with updated simulation data for the Nissan GT-R demo.
  • Support has been added for Nissan GT-Rs to log the TCM, even if the ECM has been swapped for an aftermarket unit.
  • There is now a preferred units option, which allows you to specify your preferred units for speed, pressure, and temperature.
  • New vehicle menu icons have been added to the menu to make it easier to navigate.
  • Full iPhone X support enabled.
  • Many other bug fixes and minor updates.


Available now

Download ECU Connect for free from the app store of your choice.

ECU Connect vehicle interfaces

ECU Connect Bluetooth vehicle interfaces are available to buy now from Tunehouse. Call us on (02) 9557 4000 or email us at for more information.


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