COBB by Tunehouse 2015-2017 Subaru WRX STI Stage 1

The COBB by Tunehouse Stage 1+ Power Package is the perfect upgrade for the Subaru WRX STI 2015-2017 models. The Stage 1+ Power Package includes the COBB SF Intake and Airbox along with the Australia V3 Accessport.

The handheld Accessport V3 has a large, full color, higher resolution screen which allows you to monitor up to six parameters in real time. Unlock power hidden within the vehicle by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations.

Fully customisable from the look (multiple bezel colors), layout (set up a race, street or dyno gauge cluster) and mounting options (choose from 1000s of standard vehicle mounts). Of course, all of the great COBB tuning is included – with enough space for 100 calibrations. This is your new Accessport – and maybe the last one you’ll ever need. All Performance Maps are pre-loaded on the Accessport.

The SF Air Box adds the benefits of a cold air intake to the outstanding performance of the SF Intake. The factory inlet directs cold air from the front grill to the SF Airbox, which encloses the SF Intake. Hot engine bay air that robs horsepower is prevented from entering the intake system to provide consistent intake performance. This unique design also separates rainwater from the intake air, eliminating the water ingestion issues that plague in-fender cold air intakes. This intake airbox is constructed of 16 gauge aluminum, consisting of a one piece surround, directional lid, stainless steel hardware and all the necessary components for a seamless install with OEM quality fit and finish

The C.A.R.B certified COBB Tuning SF Intake removes a pre-turbo restriction in the stock intake system. The SF Intake intake system utilises several unique features in an effort to maintain optimal flow for performance while minimising turbulence that can cause engine management problems. From a custom conical cloth air-filter element, a CFD-designed velocity stack leads to an unique air flow straightener grid designed to smooth the incoming air flow as it passes the Mass Air Flow sensor for precise readings. The intake utilises a one piece design constructed from a high temperature plastic composite, saving weight and reducing heat transfer.

Enjoy the increased snarl from your engine and hear the turbo spool more clearly with the addition of the COBB Tuning SF Intake system. Turbocharger induction noise and bypass valve venting sound is much more audible using this intake system.


Subaru Australia Stage 1+ Power Package STI 2015-2017

  • Australia Accessport V3
  • SF Intake
  • Composite Intake Body for Heat Rejection
  • SF Airbox
  • OEM Quality Fit and Finish
  • Tunehouse custom dyno tune – works with Stage 1+

Tunehouse is an Australian licenced COBB dealer. If you’d like to know more, find out the price or book your Subaru WRX STI 2015-2017 in for a COBB by Tunehouse Stage 1+ Power Package please call us on (02) 9557 4000 or email us at

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