THR Coilover Kits for Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ

We’ve had a bit of a project in the works for quite some time and we’re proud to finally throw the covers off!

Introducing our new range of coilover kits to suit the Toyota 86 and BRZ! We’ve got three specifications ranging from street use to full-on race use.

The 86 and BRZ are a brilliant handling package straight out of the box. However, as you would expect with the level of all-round tunability that these cars possess, focusing just the right amount of attention on the car’s handling abilities turns them into a whole new beast. As good a place as any to start is with a set of coilovers.

Our THR coilover kits have undergone countless hours of development to ensure that they get the best out of the already brilliant ZN6 chassis. Each specification features monotube construction and is designed to perfectly cater for whatever you use your car for. Whether it’s your daily driver or your all-out track weapon, there’s a THR coilover for you.

Thanks to their monotube design, our THR coilovers retain 100% effectiveness across all operating temperatures. This is because the monotube design eliminates aeration as the design completely separates the oil and the gas within the shock absorber.

The first coilover in our range is the Street Type. They’re designed for improved overall handling and basic adjustment whilst still keeping it relatively comfy for everyday use. This makes it perfect for all those daily-driven 86s and BRZs out there.

The Street Type coilover is 1-way adjustable and features front camber plates, additional clevis supports and are fully base height and spring base adjustable. The Street Type coilover gives you all of the adjustability you could ever need for a daily driven car and then some.

Next up the range is our Club Spec coilover. The Club Spec is designed for those that like to indulge in the odd track day without sacrificing too much by way of streetability.

Now what differentiates the Club Spec coilover from the Street Type coilover? Apart from being 2-way adjustable as opposed to 1-way adjustable, the Club Spec front coilovers have been designed as an inverted strut, which comes with a couple of significant benefits.

Implementing an inverted strut design allows for a stronger shock absorber, without compromising dampening performance. This is especially important out on the track where the coilovers are under high levels of stress. With the inverted strut setup, you don’t have to worry about bending one of the struts when you hit the ripple strip.

The other thing that separates the Club Spec from the Street Type coilover is the use of an external reservoir. The external reservoir increases oil capacity within the shock absorber, which in turn reduces peak oil temperatures. This help reduce variation in dampening rates due to changes in oil viscosity, giving you more consistent handling performance out on the track.

And that brings us to the granddaddy of the THR coilover range – the Race Spec. The Race Spec coilover has been designed for dedicated race use in mind.  On top of everything offered by the Club Spec coilover, the Race Spec adds 3-way adjustability to the mix.

This lets you fine-tune your suspension setup to suit each and every race day, giving you the confidence to push for that extra second off.

Whether it be purely for the street or your dedicated track day hero, there’s a THR coilover to suit your 86 or BRZ.

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