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An American icon drops by Tunehouse for some TLC

In the automotive world there are few badges as iconic as the galloping pony found on the grille of a Ford Mustang. Good thing the team at Tunehouse are well versed in old school, carburettor technology and love working on classic cars.

A bit of R&D goes a long way when custom tuning turbo diesels

We’ve been doing a fair bit of R&D in the turbo diesel area lately. When done properly, modern turbo diesel engines can pick up quite a lot of power and torque with a custom tune.

Plex Tuning introduces Smart Dash Display & Logger

Ever wished you had a dedicated motorsport monitor that resolved all your dash-related frustrations? One that provided the information you required, configurable on the fly, without distracting your attention?
The new PLEX SDM-500 is here to enable you drive smarter and safer. Relying on the facts, not intuition.

THR-86 the fastest RWD at Nulon Nationals

Adding to its ever-growing list of trophies, the Tunehouse THR-86 scooped up another award, this time it was for the Fastest RWD at the Nulon Nationals.

The Benefits of Dyno Tuning and why ours is the best

Tunehouse performs both Dyno Power Runs as well as Dyno Tuning – It is however important to point out the difference.

Zed transformed – another 370Z benefits from the Tunehouse know-how

In its standard form the 370Z is already a potent beast so it takes an experienced tuner to extract that extra power and enhance its overall performance. Luckily, at Tunehouse we have just such a tuner. Jim is the go-to man for all high-tech performance tuning and a nationally renowned authority in Nissan and in particular the Z series.

New THR Ford XR8 Kits Now Available!

Tunehouse are proud to announce a new set of performance kits available for the Ford XR8. The team at Tunehouse have developed a range of kits to suit multiple performance levels and budgets.

A behind-the-scenes look at one of the best workshops in the country.

We take a behind-the-scenes look at what makes Tunehouse one of the best automotive workshops in the country.

Tunehouse tuned Renault Clio takes 2nd in class at Round 1

The Tunehouse tuned Renault Clio of Richard Gartner takes 2nd in class and 9th outright at last month’s Phillip Island Australian Production Car Endurance Championship.