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THR-86 Update – Gearing up for MOTOR Hot Tuner Challenge

It’s been a long time between drinks since we’ve last updated you on the 86, so here we go. The […]

THR-86 the fastest RWD at Nulon Nationals

Adding to its ever-growing list of trophies, the Tunehouse THR-86 scooped up another award, this time it was for the Fastest RWD at the Nulon Nationals.

Wakefield Park Warriors on Maximum Attack!

The Tunehouse team was back again at the Wakefield Park Raceway on June 21st and 22nd for the NSW Time Attack.

Tunehouse WTAC Warriors – World Time Attack Challenge 2013 wrap

With a well-prepared three-car team we anticipated great things as we entered this year’s Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge.

THR-86 getting ready for WTAC

Sporting a new set of wheels, new suspension and eager to get on the track, the THR-86 was the centre of attention at the Sydney Motorsport Park last week.

THR-86 undergoes a baptism of fire at the Wakefield Park Raceway

With the suspension, brakes, exhaust, forced induction and tune ticked there was only one thing left to do and that is to see who all these modifications perform under duress of some heavy duty driving around a race track.

THR-86 Build Diary: Time to get supercharged!

With some serious modifications in the suspension, exhaust and braking areas, the time had come for our long-term project Toyota […]

2012 Motor Magazine Hot Tuner Challenge

The results are in and the first edition of 2012 Hot Tuner Challenge Motor Magazine has hit the shelves! Featured in this months issue is the Tunehouse THR 86 as well as the Tunehouse Mazda 3 MPS!

Tunehouse cars dominate at 2012 MOTOR Hot Tuner Challenge!

Every year MOTOR Magazine invites Australia’s top tuning shops to enter a vehicle in the MOTOR Hot Tuner Challenge. This year Tunehouse entered three cars.

Project THR 86 hits the track

Tunehouse wastes no time in getting the Toyota 86 onto the track. With John Boston behind the wheel, THR 86 hits Wakefield Park for a few laps!

THR 86 – The Tunehouse Toyota 86 Project

It took very little inspiration to get Tunehouse Team boss to confirm the order and get a delivery date out of Toyota for the THR 86 – Tunehouse’s new project car. What you see here is the latest additional to the Tunehouse stable and if Jim’s daily driven 800HP HSV R8 is anything to go by the 147KW and nimble character of the 86 / BRZ platform is about to get a rude awakening!