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Team Tunehouse getting ready for World Time Attack Challenge

The preparations for the World Time Attack Challenge are now in full swing at Tunehouse with all cars in their final stages of completion.

TechArt Porsche 911 power kits now available from Tunehouse.

Germany-based TechArt specialize in performance upgrades for Porsche and their latest power kits for the 911 Turbo and 911 Turbo S offer impressive power gains indeed.

The Benefits of Dyno Tuning and why ours is the best

Tunehouse performs both Dyno Power Runs as well as Dyno Tuning – It is however important to point out the difference.

Zed transformed – another 370Z benefits from the Tunehouse know-how

In its standard form the 370Z is already a potent beast so it takes an experienced tuner to extract that extra power and enhance its overall performance. Luckily, at Tunehouse we have just such a tuner. Jim is the go-to man for all high-tech performance tuning and a nationally renowned authority in Nissan and in particular the Z series.

The importance of brake maintenance.

If your car needs a brake inspection or you’re due for a service and want complete peace of mind, call Tunehouse for a brake inspection.

THR-86 Build Diary: Time to get supercharged!

With some serious modifications in the suspension, exhaust and braking areas, the time had come for our long-term project Toyota […]

New THR Ford XR8 Kits Now Available!

Tunehouse are proud to announce a new set of performance kits available for the Ford XR8. The team at Tunehouse have developed a range of kits to suit multiple performance levels and budgets.

A behind-the-scenes look at one of the best workshops in the country.

We take a behind-the-scenes look at what makes Tunehouse one of the best automotive workshops in the country.

Grip Dynamics Explained – New Products for your VW and Audi

Tunehouse is pleased to announce the new ‘Grip Dynamics’ system which improves grip for better handling and performance by focussing on key alignment and dynamic handling elements.

A very happy Ford Focus RS owner reveals all

Anyone with a Focus RS can benefit from the Tunehouse experience in tuning on my car – one happy RS Focus owner reveals all.

Tunehouse tuned Renault Clio takes 2nd in class at Round 1

The Tunehouse tuned Renault Clio of Richard Gartner takes 2nd in class and 9th outright at last month’s Phillip Island Australian Production Car Endurance Championship.

Aston Martin comes in for some Tunehouse treatment

One of the nicest looking coupes available today? We think it should certainly be in the running! This ‘mostly Carbon fibre’ Aston Martin DBS is a regular at Tunehouse where only the ‘Tunehouse Difference’ is enough for this festideous client!

Tunehouse R8: Fire in the Hole!

Tunehouse HSV R8: Guaranteed to raise your heart rate and bring a smile – says MOTOR Magazine.

Hot Hatches go head to head at the Mazda MPS vs Ford XR5 Dyno Day

Tunehouse opened the doors on the 19th November for a Hot Hatch Showdown! A Dyno Day with a twist where we wanted to see everything the XR5 and MPS 3 clubs could bring – And bring it they did!