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Upgrade kits for the new Porsche Macan from Techart and Tunehouse

If you want the very best in German-made upgrades for your Porsche Macan, there is only one choice. TechArt specialise in a full range of upgrades tailored to Porsches. The new Macan has not been overlooked with the latest power kits for the Macan S and Macan Turbo now available from Tunehouse.

HKS Export Manager visits Tunehouse to check out the THR-86

It seems like our car (THR-86) has been getting some publicity outside of Australia – most notably in Japan! It’s not often you see the head of Export Sales at a performance giant HKS make a special trip to a local workshop to see the facility and chat with the owner.

TechArt Porsche 911 power kits now available from Tunehouse.

Germany-based TechArt specialize in performance upgrades for Porsche and their latest power kits for the 911 Turbo and 911 Turbo S offer impressive power gains indeed.

Tuning American Muscle – Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

It’s not difficult to see why American muscle cars are still so popular. They look great, make the right noise and attract plenty of attention. With its wide, low and aggressive stance, a powerful 6.2L supercharged V8 engine, the 2012 Camaro ZL1 is a case in point.