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MK7 Golf & Audi S3 Upgrade Packages – Performance Kits Coming Soon

Tunehouse gives a warm welcome to VW MK7 Golf and Audi S3 owners. Following recent developments in our THR Eurotune software, […]

Tunehouse exhibiting at the 2013 MotorEx – Don’t Miss It!

MotorEx of Australia’s biggest indoor automotive shows that comes around every year, this time you’ll be able to see us there exhibiting at the show.

Tunehouse team sets the pace at the MOTOR Hot Tuner Challenge

Tunehouse came well prepared for the event, fronting a two-car team consisting of  a 2010 Golf R and a 2010 […]

THR’s Golf R set to shine at the MOTOR Hot Tuner Challenge

We’re happy to see Dario’s Golf R completed ahead of time for the MOTOR Magazine Hot Tuner Challenge. With all […]