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THR Performance Upgrades

The THR Performance Upgrades kits are designed to take the mystery and guess work out of modifying your car. At Tunehouse we take pride in the fact we understand the engineering behind your car and although we can develop bespoke and custom tuning and upgrades solutions for almost any car, there are some that are more popular and we have the opportunity to share our development experience with you – saving you time, stress and money.

With a THR Performance Upgrade kit you can be sure the testing, research and development has already been done – No guess work, no risk and no stress. The THR Performance upgrade Kits are developed around the ability to flash tune your computers engine management system. We believe this is the most reliable solution for performance upgrades on most cars and allows us the opportunity to work with the factory engineering, instead of against it. We develop the upgrade path, the specific parts used and the unique Tunehouse approach to these upgrades means not only proven solutions, but more importantly a custom tuned vehicle to genuinely take advantage of your car and the upgrades we fit.

Supply and install a variety of performance upgrades.

We also supply and install a variety of performance upgrades. In addition to our Tunehouse racing products, we are a dealer for most performance brands so we can give you the best product range and value. We handpick and test all of the products we sell here so you can be confident that the upgrades integrate perfectly with the rest of your car.

Upgrades Included

Some of these upgrades include:

  1. Suspension upgrades (Coilovers kits, Performance springs etc.)
  2. Braking upgrades – Full brake kits, Rotors, Brake pads, Brake lines
  3. Exhaust components – Turboback/Catback exhausts, Manifolds, Headers etc.
  4. Intakes – Full intake replacement, Pod and Panel filters
  5. Handling upgrades – Swaybars, Bushings, Control arms, Camber kits etc.
  6. Cooling – Oil coolers, Transmission coolers, Thermostats etc.

Contact us today for more information and pricing. Feel free to take a look around our online store too for a huge selection of products.

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    Performance Kits
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