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Pinnacle Of Motorsport

From the very pinnacle of motorsport comes the technological advances that the automotive industry thrive on. Motorsport, racing developments and technology of 10 years ago are what make today’s motor car faster, safer and more reliable. Regardless of the discipline; be it drag racing, rallying, circuit racing, hill climbs or one of the many Formula X series, you will see advancements and technology filter into not only the aftermarket, but also genuine manufacturers. Manufacturers present significant marketing and advertising advantages and they’re also at the cutting edge of automotive technology. These are some one of the critical roles manufacturers play by being actively involved in the world of racing developments.

It is no different at Tunehouse – the appreciation, technology and experience in motorsport and racing that we’re involved in filters into every job we do on a daily basis. This means our clients benefit directly in our approach to our work, craftsmanship and both the technology and engineering we utilise.

Reputation forged in racing.

Tunehouse has built a reputation forged in racing at one level of another and can help get you started or continue the development of your motorsport program. We are involved and participate in a number of racing programs covering circuit and production car racing, time attack, drift, rally and drag racing. We have learnt many valuable lessons over our time in the industry and can save you both time and money.

How Can Tunehouse Help?

  • Intensive pre & post event evaluation
  • Ongoing maintenance and repair
  • Complete dyno testing and tuning
  • Race & performance part validation
  • Suspension dynamics consultation
  • Comprehensive diagnostic assessment
  • Total research and development programs

Second only to Tunehouse’s experience is our equipment. Both the workshop itself and the Dyno Cell contained within have won numerous awards and are considered the best in Australia. The Dyno Cell is capable of complete atmospheric control in terms of temperature consistency, air speed and barometric pressure to ensure we can test every aspect of your vehicle performance from the safety of our workshop. The dyno which we utilise is the highly accurate Dynapack axle hub locating system, which can measure power up to 1200 rwkw with zero wheel spin. A vital tool for precise race track tuning, the ability to log data back to back without fear of invalidation due to external inconsistencies is highly beneficial to racers. In these environments even the slightest fluctuation can have adverse effects.

Wide Range Of Motorsport

It is with this appreciation for what happens in the heat of motorsport that Tunehouse can deliver. Both on and off the track you can even benefit in this regard from a custom dyno tune; Tunehouse team boss Jim Ghelis knows only too well what happens in a vehicle’s harshest of environments and knows the measures he needs to take to ensure you can win and do so reliably.

In addition to this Tunehouse offers a wide range of motorsport, race and performance parts and accessories from some of the world’s most accredited and proven brands. These include and are not limited to Cosworth, HKS, Harrop, MoTec, Garret and many more. Call Tunehouse now for the very latest advise and pricing on (02) 9557 4000 or email so we can put you in the winner’s circle.

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