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Prepurchase Inspections

Have you finally found that special car you wish to purchase after months of searching?

Worried about its current condition, or whether it has been damaged or poorly modified before?

Come across a modified car which you aren’t sure about the quality of work on?

Based interstate and looking to purchase a car from the Sydney area but want to make sure it’s worth your time coming down to check it out?

Let us take the stress and hassle away with a complete prepurchase inspection. We perform full mechanical inspections to a high standard on almost anything with 4 wheels and provide a full report on everything we can see. You also have the added option of an engine compression/leak down test if you are wanting an idea of engine health past external observations.

The cost of an inspection pales into insignificance compared to buying a lemon or in advertently taking on somebody else’s problems. We routinely have customers coming in with vehicles they’ve just bought who get nasty surprises they weren’t prepared for – the engine with the “slight miss, just needs a service” that actually has a bent conrod, the “needs a wheel alignment” that turns out to new wheel bearings on all 4 corners. Inspections typically take around half a day due to their complexity and depth, so ideally the car will need to be left with us for the day to be scheduled into normal workshop workflow.

Don’t get stung, call or email us now to make an appointment!



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