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Diagnostic Checkup

State-Of-The-Art Diagnostics

Got a problem? Car not quite right or the dash is flashing all sorts of things and you’re really just not sure? Tunehouse technicians are considered some of Australia’s top Diagnosticians. The value and importance of an accurate, thorough and precise diagnosis is well understood and our technicians are trained in how systems operate for proper diagnosis, not just how to read the manual.

The introduction of advanced electronic controls in passenger vehicles over the last decade has rendered traditional diagnostic methods inadequate to satisfy on and off board diagnostic needs.

Tunehouse maintains an array of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, the most up to date software to ensure that our professional highly trained technicians maintain the highest state of technical proficiency with the latest diagnostic methods so that all current service requirements are met.

In a nutshell, is that we can diagnose your car – no matter how sophisticated. Tunehouse is able to determine the nature of a problem quickly and easily, or that in fact your car is functioning as the manufacturer intended.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Service

Our comprehensive Diagnostic Service emphasises the Tunehouse philosophy that preventative maintenance is good for your car and your wallet.

Tunehouse diagnostic services may include:

  • On-the-dyno in-depth electronic analysis and engine health check
  • ECU fault code interpretation
  • ABS analysis and repair
  • Airbag faults rectified
  • Key security and programming
  • Engine management live data assessment
  • Electrical system checkover
  • CAN BUS checks and repairs

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