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How can Tunehouse be of Service?

Tunehouse offer a huge range of services for motorists & enthusiasts. Whether you are after a simple service, repair, performance upgrade kit or a bespoke and totally individualized upgrade to your rare classic or desirable exotic Tunehouse have the experience, professionalism and skills to meet even your most exacting demands.

Your car is not out of place at Tunehouse – we service, maintain and upgrade virtually all makes and models with the same attention, craftsmanship and appreciation we would of our very own vehicles.

We Offer


Routine maintenance and servicing for all makes and models

Performance upgrade kits and custom performances solutions

Custom dyno tuning, aftermarket ECU installs and flash tuning

Suspension repairs, upgrades and competition Setup

Brake system repairs, upgrades and competition setup

Inspections – pre-purchase, registration and performance evaluations

Racing and motorsport preparation, maintenance and support

Electrical repairs, diagnostics and fault finding

Air conditioning servicing, maintenance and repairs

Tyre repairs, replacement, balancing and alignment


At Tunehouse you will be dealing with enthusiasts who take pride in their workmanship and the service they provide, no matter how small or simple the job. The most important way Tunehouse can help is with old fashion service. We pride ourselves on taking the time to listen and both understand as well as appreciate our clients needs. We know our customers relationship with their vehicle can be anything from that of simple transport to absolute passion and every variant in between.

If you’ve never experience the Tunehouse difference yourself, make a point to call (02 9557 4000), email ( or simply drop by the workshop for yourself and check out what makes Tunehouse Australia’s most professional workshop.


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