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THR Toyota 86 : Subaru BRZ +100kW Turbo Kit 2

THR Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ +100kW Turbo Kit


Our THR Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ +100kW Turbo Kit significantly increases the power and torque outputs through forced induction.

Through extensive research and development at Tunehouse, we have engineered what we believe is the perfect turbo kit. The result is a total balance in power, response and reliability.

Key features include:

Garrett GTX Turbo
THR Piping Kit
THR Extractors
Cold Air Intake
THR Intercooler
THR High-Capacity Sump

Optional Extras:

THR Front pipe upgrade ($399 – recommended)

*Power and torque figures are indicative only and will vary depending on vehicle. Figures are calculated at the hubs and include drivetrain losses. Due to ongoing development, package specifications are subject to change without notice.