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THR Powerport

THR Powerport


The THR Powerport is the result of over 2 years of research and development here at Tunehouse.

We’ve created a true plug and play engine tuning product that allows seamless integration with various makes and models.

THR Powerport increases engine performance, improves response and can maximise performance out of engine upgrades such as exhaust, intakes, turbochargers etc.

Key features include:

15-30% average increase in power and torque
Improved throttle response and mid range power
Improved fuel economy through tuning optimisation
Ability to store seven custom dyno tunes: economy to performance
All tunes are custom for your vehicle. No ‘one size fits all’ maps are used
Does not overwrite factory ECU, revert back to standard anytime with no electronic traces
Plug and plug looms ensures that no wires are cut
Available for most Euro models
Supports both petrol and diesel engines
12 months limited warranty (ask us for more details)