Zed transformed – another 370Z benefits from the Tunehouse know-how

Nissan’s ‘Z’ cars have quite a strong following among performance enthusiasts. Dating back to 1969 and the famous 240Z, the Z legacy lives on through its latest incarnation the 370Z.

In its standard form the 370Z is already a potent beast so it takes an experienced tuner to extract some extra power without sacrificing the car’s factory drivebility and balance.


Luckily, at Tunehouse we have just such a tuner. Jim is the go-to man for all high-tech performance tuning and a nationally renowned authority on Nissan and, in particular, the Z series.


Liam’s 370Z was the latest Z car to come off the Tunehouse dyno and the owner was quite impressed with the result. But don’t take our word for it. Here is a copy of the email we have received from Liam:

Hi Jim,

I just wanted to say thank you to yourself and the team for the work you have performed on my Z. You should be very proud of both your business and staff, you truly have a winning combination.

The tune has performed well today, it feels very ‘factory’ with the characteristics unchanged from original setup, torque and power are both extremely noticeable – especially at the top end. The car feels much more immediate, the laziness I was feeling at low revs is now gone as well. I couldn’t be happier at this point.

Thanks once again,


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