Video Update: VF Commodore Setting the Baseline at Wakefield Raceway

We have some news on the VF R8 we fitted the Spec S kit to two weeks ago.  The car is currently being reassembled with upgrades before its return to Wakefield Raceway.  As soon as it’s back on the track we’ll be see just how well the time is improved upon with our kit in place!

Heasman Steering has just released this video put together on the track day when the baseline was being established.  Have a look on the link below:

Yes you heard that right – half a second faster than a standard Evo 10; the fastest Australian produced car around Wakefield Raceway, ever.

Be assured we will update as soon as the VF is ready to race again.  By the time it returns to Wakefield Raceway, it’ll be featuring not only a 340 RWKW Tunehouse Spec S kit but upgraded sway bars, upgraded springs and Bilstein shocks.

For the latest in track proven performance for the VF Commodore give us a call on (02) 9557 4000.