Tunehouse gives the new LSA-powered Maloo a bit of a boost!

Recently the crew from Performance Drive brought down a brand new Holden GTS Maloo LSA. The car will be undergoing some modifications in the near future but having a new car in a stock form allowed us to check how close the real horsepower figure is to the one claimed in the promotional brochure.

The good news is that it’s actually pretty close. The car produces 368kW/697Nm at the wheels which, accounting for about 15% power loss through the drivetrain is very close to the claimed 430kW at the flywheel.


An even better news is that it’s not difficult to get more power from the supercharged LSA 6.2-litre V8 engine. With a pulley kit, a performance exhaust system and a dyno tune, these engines can produce up to 440kW at the wheels with stock internals.


Tunehouse now offers three upgrade kits for the LSA VF:

Stage 1: Custom dyno tune.
Stage 2: Custom dyno tune + hi flow exhaust system
Stage 3: Custom dyno tune + Underdrive Pulleys, Boost Increase, Performance Injectors


For those who don’t own an LSA powered Maloo GTS but would like to get a similar performance Tunehouse offers a THR Stage 3 Supercharger Kit for VE/VF SS.

To find out more about our HSV Supercharger Kits, or to book your HSV for a service contact Tunehouse on 02 9557-4000 or email: info@tunehouse.com.au

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