Tunehouse WTAC Warriors – World Time Attack Challenge 2013 wrap

With a well-prepared three-car team we anticipated great things as we entered this year’s Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge.


We had our hands full, competing in the Open and Clubsprint Classes and as anyone who has ever been to WTAC will know, the schedule of the event is pretty tight.


The bushfires raging all around Sydney provided an eerie backdrop to the event but that certainly didn’t slow the competitors down. The crew worked tirelessly for three days to prepare, fix and prepare again as the cars made the most of their allocated session times.


The result has surpassed our expectations, the THR-86 was the fastest Toyota 86 at the event with a lap time of 1:44.92. John’s R32 performed very well in the skilled hands of John ‘Boz’ Boston clocking in at 1:34.59 and 6th in the Open Class, Nathan Halstead managed a very respectable 1:45.84 in Clubsprint.

With the WTAC hype still pumping, we are back at the workshop and already planning for 2014.


Jim Ghellis:

“Events like this are really good for the team. It helps us bond and shows how well we can work under pressure. It also provides invaluable experience which can be taken and applied after the event at the workshop.”

“The team has done a great job and a big thumbs up to the drivers too. It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare for an event like WTAC, but I’m always glad we do it because the things we learn at the track – we take back with us. So in the end it is our every day clients that benefit the most out of the whole experience.


THR-86 using every last inch of the track. – Photo by Apex Photography

John Boston:

“I’ve been testing the THR-86 for the Tunehouse team for a while now and saw the car progress from a mild mannered street car to a track screamer. Our final testing at Wakefiled Park Raceway just prior to WTAC confirmed the car was ready. I handed the reigns over to Ian who did a top job!”

“The R32 GT-R is an animal! We’ve been testing it with John Papoutsis at SMSP and the car has so much potential. This was the car’s first competitive outing in this guise and I think we did really well. Having said that, the car can, and will go much, much faster. Jim and John are already planning the future upgrades.”


The R32 GT-R of John Papoutsis finished 6th in the Open Class with a time of 1:34.59.

John Papoutsis:

“I’m really happy with the way the car performed. 6th in the Open Class in an event where track records get broken every single year is a very good result. What is really encouraging is the potential this car has. Both Jim and John agree that its times can dip into 1:30s and that, only a few years ago would have put it on the Pro Class podium!”


The Subaru WRX STI of Nathan Halstead. Nathan pushed the car hard all weekend with his fastest lap of the event being 1:45.84


John Boston of Track School once again took over the driving duties in the R32 GT-R.
– Photo by Apex Photography


THR-86 was the fastest Toyota 86 at the event! Considering that this is essentially still very much a street car and a daily driver at that, its lap time of 1:44.92 is quite extraordinary!

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