EcuTek RaceROM Features for Evo X and Colt Ralliart

Tunehouse announces EcuTek RaceROM Features
for Mitsubishi Evo X and Colt Ralliart

Tunehouse have released RaceROM Features for all EVO X and Colt Ralliart vehicles to provide custom functionality only available when tuning with EcuTek software. RaceROM currently provides extra data logging parameters, such as Charge Air Temperature, Boost and Engine Load for the EVO X, and Engine Load for the Colt CZT and Ralliart!


What is RaceROM?

RaceROM is a suite of feature enhancements available for OEM ECUs tuned only with EcuTek tuning tools, which offers increased tuning & driving capabilities. RaceROM is available for specific ranges of engine management systems, initially for Subaru electronic throttle (Drive-by-wire) based ECUs.

Without question, the OEM ECU offers the best cold start, driveability and refinement when compared to aftermarket ECU hardware. However, many aftermarket ECUs provide extra (generally motorsport related) features, that many enthusiasts desire. Unfortunately, when replacing the standard ECU with an aftermarket ECU, the refinement of the standard ECU is often lost.

Now with EcuTek RaceROM, this compromise is no longer necessary. By way of a software upgrade to the standard ECU, RaceROM adds many custom calibration options to the standard OEM ECU, offering features beyond the standard fuelling, ignition and boost control, yet retaining its driveability, sophistication and fuel economy.

Did you know?

FlashEVO and FlashCAN EVO have been used to tune several manufacturer special editions, such as the UK FQ Series for the EVO 9 and X, and was also used by Mitsubishi Racing on their EVO X which competed in the Britcar and Dubai 24h endurance races – professional tuners choose to tune with EcuTek!


Why Tunehouse?

At Tunehouse, every upgrade is 100% Custom Tuned on the dyno by Jim Ghelis, owner and tuner for the best possible results on each and every car! If you have seen how well kept the Tunehouse workshop is kept then you will have some insight into the attention to detail Jim takes with his tunes – nothing leaves until it is 110% and our clients are happy!

Call Tunehouse now on (02) 9557 4000 to discuss your latest project or email anytime for the latest advice and pricing!

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