Track Bred: Stepping Up Development on the THR 86

With World Time Attack getting closer and closer, it’s safe to say we’ve had our hands full getting ready.  Not only are we preparing two customer’s cars to attend, development of our demo car FT86 has been going full steam ahead.

The 86 has been supercharged for some time time now, pumping out a potent 180 KW.  Serving as a daily driver, the HKS supercharger kit has proven to be very reliable so far. After some track testing, we decided we needed to step up the power.  E85 was definitely going to be the next best step.

We set the car up with a flex fuel tune with onboard ethanol sensor.  The sensor reads the rating of the fuel in tank constantly, sending the signal to the ECU.  Owner Jim has adjusted the map on the dyno to cater to the amount of ethanol content registered by the sensor.  This is performed live without driver input!

AP racing brakes have made their way on to the car.  Featuring six pot front calipers and four pot rears, the after market anchors definitely draw the car to a stand still much more quickly than the factory stoppers.  Project Mu brake fluid and pads are also in place.  To help get the power to the ground, we also picked up another set of wheels with World Time Attack specified Advan AD08R race rubber.

That’s old news now.  The new round of R&D, all to be completed for World Time Attack has begun.

John Boston has on order a Sparco bucket seat fo us which we’ll be mating to some bride rails.  Once that’s in, we’ll measure up and fabricate the harness bar to which our driver will be lashed to via a six point harness.

Up front we’re carrying out a fair bit of work, including but not limited to a HKS oil cooler with air flow modifications to suit, relocating the catch can, enhancing the intake pipework and all but complete removal of the air conditioning.

86 pulled apart with the hood off, parts everywhere

We’re also going to be improving the air flow through the front bar, doing some general lightening as well as stiffening the chassis.  The bonnet will be spaced up at the back and latched down at the front.

A fire extinguisher has been installed inside the cabin and a lightweight Braile battery relocated inside as well.

battery in passenger footwell

Fire extinguisher mounted

At the back end a Tomei 1.5 way LSD is also going to be making an appearance.  As ever of course, we will be testing and tuning the suspension constantly to wring out the best performance possible from the car.

86 on the track

It’s a some hard work with long hours, but at World Time Attack 2013 Tunehouse be there proving what both we and the 86 chassis can do.

If you want to know the latest on what we can do to make your 86 faster, handle more sharply or stop more shortly, call us on (02) 9557 4000 or send us an e-mail to