Three Pronged World Time Attack

With mid October closing in, we have been busier than ever preparing for World Time Attack.  Not only will we be there with our 86 demo car as well as the R32 GTR, but also Nathon’s STi hatch.

Despite the rear number plate, this STi has been hitting the track only in its owners hands for about a year now.  To define the potential of this car would make this a very long post, so I’ll keep it to the major work performed.

Churning out a very healthy 350 KW at the wheels, “safety first” has never been more appropriate.  Both driver and passenger step into fixed back bucket seats, the former gripping a suede Momo steering wheel complete with boost button.  Creature comforts are nearly completely non existent – replaced for the most part with welded in roll cage scaffolding presumably spider web inspired.

As most of you know, 350 KW at all four tyres doesn’t come easily.  In this case, it comes with boost – rather a lot of it.  21 PSI from the Tunehouse spec turbo makes its way through a Process West intercooler shortly before the Cosworth intake manifold.  Speaking of Cosworth – they’ve carried out their fair share of fettling with the motor, namely stroking the EJ25 out to 2.6 liters of E85 fed flat four glory.

With that sort of power, any amount of traction is never enough.  Even when B16 Bilstiens hold you to the road through the bends and 265 section semi slicks on all four to the job in the straights, this WRX is still loves to fight with the driver for a forced bitter end.

We’ll be going over the whole car in prep for World Time Attack on the 16th.  A Motec electronic dash is going in before we strip the car to bits checking every little detail over from the alignment to loading the machine onto our dyno for retuning.

When the time comes we’ll be there at Sydney Motorsport Park proving what Tunehouse can do.  If you want to know what we can do for your STi, give us a call on (02) 9557 4000 or email us at