THR Spec C may just cure the mid life crisis

Tunehouse Performance Upgrade Kits – We may have solved Mid Life Crisis’ once and for all!

We often get Customers writting and emailing us telling us how happy they were with what Jim acheived on the dyno for thier pride and joy, few as ‘touching’ as this happy THR Spec C clients…

When I watched Toy Story 3 towards the end of the movie I broke down in an uncontrollable fit of crying. I don’t cry at funerals and all sorts of other misery leaves me unmoved. Why would I cry over an animated movie about a boy and his toys?  Then I realised that I’m still a boy at 50 years old and I still want to play with my toys. I had to act. My self esteem could not sustain another Toy Story 3 crying fit. So I headed off to Tunehouse and had my Bf F6 typhoon upgraded to C Spec. What a professional outfit Jim, Tony and the lads.  What a great job they have done to put the performance back into my FPV. I unreservedly recommend to any middle aged male driver with a Ford turbo that is overcome with depression, thinking of divorce, or crying when watching kid’s movies.  Jeffrey

PS – I don’t know anything about cars. Is 350 rwkw any good?

We should first thank Jeffrey for being so honest with us – His car benefited from a THR Spec C Performance upgrade Kit which includes;

THR Stainless Steel Exhaust System

THR Fuel Pump Upgrade

THR Wastegate and Actuator Upgrade

THR Fuel Injectors

THR XCAL 3 ECU Interface

Tunehouse Signature Custom Dyno Tune

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