THR Performance Upgrades Kits Explained


‘We wanted to take the guess work out of Performance Upgrades for our customers. We wanted them to be ‘modular’ so they can build them up over time without having to replace parts twice. We wanted to minimize the impact to warranty and above all, we wanted them to be great value so that customers could enjoy the entire experience and get on with driving the car. The THR Packages have proven to provide this and more…’

Jim Ghelis, Tunehouse Founder

THR – Parts & Performance Kits by Tunehouse

Have you ever heard the saying ‘only as good as the weakest link’? At Tunehouse we believe in this principle and we use it to develop the performance of each and every car that comes through the workshop. By understanding that your car will only ever perform as well as it’s ‘weakest link’, you can then turn this around and quickly see that you will in turn get the best results by upgrading the most restrictive or ‘weakest links’ first.

This is often overlooked in the performance industry and it’s common to here and see of parts being replaced unnecessary and this can have huge effect on budget and the experience for the customer. We decided the THR (Tunehouse Racing) Range of Performance upgrade kits needed to offer value and that basically meant upgrading the least amount of parts that would deliver the most amount of performance.

While Tunehouse can custom tune just about any car one way or another (We’ve worked extremely hard and invested in technology from all over the world to ensure we have a tuning solutions available for just about any car!) we also know that there are specific vehicle’s available that we’re often asked about and are simply popular among modifiers and performance car enthusiasts. For this reason there are a number of new and near new models that we support with our THR Performance Upgrade Kits.

The modular nature of the THR Kits can be seen in the progressive nature of the kits.

THR Spec S: With the S basically representing Street,you can expect an upgrade to your car that has virtually no compromise to daily driving. A Performance upgrade where we have aimed to improve drive-ability, straight line performance as well as improved torque spread – The THR Spec S upgrades often can be achieved with simply tuning your engines’ computer with minimal or no mechanical changes.

THR Spec C: The C is Spec S for Tunehouse stands for Clubsport. At this level of upgrade you can expect the driving experience to be more aggressive, often with mid range and top end performance being maximized within the engineering of factory hardware such as turbochargers and engine internals. With a Spec C upgrade we will be upgrading mechanical components of your vehicle with tried and tested in-house engineered solutions that deliver.

THR Spec R: Saying that the Spec R kits stands primarily for Race is probably an overstatements. The Spec R packages are designed for maximum performance while retaining your standard engine. That is, Forced induction systems are introduced or modified for maximum torque potential and support systems are upgraded to cater for them. THR Spec R kits are often tailored for drivers specific requested, but needless to say the testing is already done and the power is there, it’s simply a case of telling Tunehouse, how much you want.


Tunehouse Development HSV R8 undergoing testing in the Tunehouse award winning Dyno Testing Cell (Tunehouse, Sydney).

Above, beyond and outside of these upgrades we’re also happy to discuss options. While we’ve provided these kits for some cars as a guide to what is achievable in terms of maximum possible value for money, we’re also extremely happy to discuss bespoke and custom upgrades with clients who are after something a little different and individualized.

Tunehouse is home to a number of claims, trophies and World firsts in terms of vehicle performance and it is through these antics that we know how these cars perform and can offer these kits. It is this passion for engineering, development and performance that drives us and this comes through in the solutions we provide our customers and the projects we get involved in.

Any number of ‘tuners’ can simply wind up the wick on a performance car – But it’s not until you have an appreciation for what a performance engine goes through in terms of daily, over time and at the race track, can you give your customers piece of mind that they can go out and enjoy their upgraded car as if it came from the factory floor like that – No fuss, no exceptions – just enjoy the car! We take the time to understand the engineering behind your car so we know that the upgrades we perform are reliable, consistent and proven!

Tunehouse team Boss Jim Ghelis puts the final touches on a new Race Engine for the Tunehouse development Subaru STI. Track proven 600+ HP engine technology that filters down to THR Performance Upgrade Kits.

This energy then filters down to the pre-developed packages that are the THR Performance Upgrades kits and we’re more than happy to share this knowledge and experience with our customers.

We don’t mind people we’ve built up a reputation not as the cheapest, but as the best. The icing on the cake of all upgrades performed at Tunehouse (Pre-developed or bespoke) is the attention to detail that we’ve become quite famous for and the Custom Tuning that goes into each result. Whether it’s a turnkey THR Spec S upgrade or a completely individualized solution, every single car is 100% Custom Dyno Tuned to ensure the best possible results, each and every time. It’s this approach that differs from all other tuners and it’s with this philosophy that Tunehouse continues to succeed.

If you’re after some ideas, performance upgrades or some tuning advice for your next project, don’t hesitate to call Tunehouse anytime on (02) 9557 4000 or email the shop at We’re open Monday to Saturday every week so drop past the shop for yourself, see how we work and what we do differently that makes the difference.

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