THR-86 undergoes a baptism of fire at the Wakefield Park Raceway

As all those following the build diary of our Project THR-86 already know, short of the chassis and engine internals, there aren’t many areas of the car left unmodified.


With the suspension, brakes, exhaust, forced induction and tune ticked there was only one thing left to do – and that is to see how all these modifications perform under duress of some heavy duty driving around a race track.


It is with that goal in mind we arrived at the Wakefield Park Raceway and handed the keys to our good friend and star driver John ‘Boz’ Boston.


John took the task very seriously and pushed the car to its limits through the tight corners and powering out onto the main straight with beautifully controlled slides.



We waited with anticipation for John’s feedback but the big grin on his face as he emerged from the car confirmed what we already knew. But don’t take our word for it – here is John’s feedback:

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