THR-86 Build Diary: Time to get supercharged!

With some serious modifications in the suspension, exhaust and braking areas, the time had come for our long-term project Toyota 86 to get a serious power upgrade.


Being one of the few HKS Premium Dealers in the country we got our hands on the 86 supercharger kit early and were able to spend some time evaluating it. HKS has built its reputation on quality and performance and this kit reflects that philosophy which is ideally suited for our purpose.


The combined HKS/THR kit includes:
• Supercharger Assembly
• Supercharger Traction Oil
• Supercharger Installation Bracket
• Suction Pipe + Blow off
• Intercooler Assembly
• Intercooler Pipe
• Other Bracket Parts
• THR EcuTek Custom Tune


Of course there’s much more to our THR-86 than just being a demo car, it is also a test bed for the THR upgrade kits. With this in mind, the THR-86 was fitted and tested with all the soon-to-be available upgrade kits. This process provided us with real data which forms the basis of our performance upgrade kits.


THR Spec S (Street) Stage 1 Kit (For everyday Street applications)
• HKS Cold Air Intake
• HKS Catback Exhaust System
• THR EcuTek Custom Tune (including RaceRom update, autoblip, launch control)
• Power Gains: 108 kW (from standard) -> 125 kW
• Torque Gains: 174 Nm (from standard) -> 188 Nm

THR Spec C (Competition) Stage 2 Kit (Addresses the torque dips in factory settings)  
• HKS Headers
• Bypass Pipe
• THR EcuTek Custom Tune (including RaceRom update, autoblip, launch control)
•  Power Gains: 125 kW (from Spec S) -> 128 kW
• Torque Gains: 188 Nm (from Spec S) -> 198 Nm

THR Spec R (Racing) Stage 3 Kit (For the most demanding race-oriented performance enthusiasts)
• HKS GT Supercharger Kit
• THR EcuTek Custom Tune (including RaceRom update, autoblip, launch control)
•  Power Gains: 128 kW (from Spec C) -> 177 kW
• Torque Gains: 198 Nm (from Spec C) -> 265 Nm


The development process of these kits focused not just on the performance gains but also on eliminating the much maligned front dip at high RPM  present in all standard 86s and BRZs. Tunehouse Custom Tune (part of all upgrade kits) is the only tune available in the industry that completely eliminates it providing a much more fluid and enjoyable drive experience.


The 86/BRZ is known as a “driver’s car” and the THR Upgrade Kits focus on enhancing its handling and driveability while eliminating its weaknesses such as the torque dip and the relatively low power. With the THR Upgrade Kit you can turn your 86/BRZ into your dream car from as little as $1499!

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