Supercharged Skyline: VQ37 Sees Forced Induction

The Nissan Skyline G37 is the somewhat lesser known cousin of the Nissan family.  Sharing a name well establish both on the street and the track as well as a driveline from the long loved line of Z cars, the G37 coupe is a modern sports car with plenty of potential in its roots.

The owner of this exquisite black example dropped off his car with plans in the works to get some more go from his coupe – a lot more go.  The best way to hit the target was with a Stillen supercharger kit installed and custom tuned by Tunehouse.

As an authorised Stillen dealer, we sourced all the components to boost the VQ37 engine and before long the plan was in action.

With very little space to start with, the Stillen specific Vortech supercharger fits snugly behind the passenger headlight.

The kit we use features a water-to-air intercooler rather than the traditional front mounted air to air unit.  This saves on piping length, increasing throttle response.

With the forced induction kit fitted up we loaded the car on to our Dynapak hub dyno and performed a completely custom EcuTeK tune onto the standard ECU.

Owner Jim Ghelis carried out a bespoke tune from scratch, netting a final result a shade under 280 KW at the rear wheels – approximately 480 HP at the flywheel.  Bar the rear muffler, the car still has its standard exhaust at this point and only has further to go.

With power and torque curves acres ahead of the standard car, this Skyline has become a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

In future we hope to see this car back for some more go fast bits.  The supercharger is capable of almost double the boost we are using at the moment, so E85 is definitely worth considering!

If you have a Skyline G37 (V36) or Nissan 370Z (Z34) and you’re interested in having us extract some more horse power  from it, give us a call on (02) 9557 4000 or send us through an e-mail to