Scott and his GT-R are happy customers

Good morning Jim and Tony

I had my 1994 white R32 GTR serviced by Tunehouse a few weeks ago before taking it for its first track day at Wakefield Park on 28 May 2011. Even with those super cheap street tyres, I managed a 1:14.03, never revving past 6500 rpm. I encountered only two issues really by the time I returned to Sydney – poor brakes and a faulty fuel gauge!

Anyway I wanted to reiterate my comments that I was very impressed with your work, which I have also mentioned on the Skylines Australia forum (bottom of page 1):

On Saturday evening just passed I was at a 40th birthday party where I again had an opportunity to sing the praises of Tunehouse to a fellow who also has an R32 GTR. His name is John Papoutsis, and I understand he has known you Jim for some years now and that you used to service his silver Aussie delivered R32 GTR. Small world!

I would be happy to say more in detail on the Skylines Australia forums or anywhere else for that matter about Tunehouse and your service – just let me know where you would like me to make comment.

I am hoping for some advice from you both as to how I can best spend my money to improve my car. I definitely can’t afford to throw a huge sum at the car in one hit, so if you can guide me around doing things bit by bit, I will be much obliged.

Thanks again