Ford Focus RS – just the beginning

What would you do if you have arguably one of the hottest performance hatches released in more than a decade? This client decided to throw everything at it! This RS basically took every aspect of what made it an unbelievable machine straight out of the box and improved it! Massive brakes, more grip, more grunt and better handling – sounds like our kind of Focus RS!

Quite different to the ‘usual’ XR5 Focus, the Focus RS took on changes to the Duratec 2.5L 5-cylinder motor including unique camshafts, turbo and inlet and changes to the cylinder head and gaskets also quoted by the engineers at Ford. As well as the extra power on hand with these revisions, the RS also benefited from a 40mm wider track, 19 inch wheels, 235 tyres and revised springs, damper and sway bars! The natural thing would have to convert the platform to AWD – except Ford engineers wanted to avoid this at all costs. With a unique change to the front end called the ‘RevoKnuckle’ and the addition of a Quaife Torque Bias Front Differential they would tame the traction and torque steer the increase in power was likely to introduce.

Not content with the 300bhp the car was delivered with, this RS owner ticked every box in just about every department – but where to begin?

Taking delivery of the car, it wasn’t long before it was on the hoist  – with a big job ahead, we started with the engine and worked our way down! A upgraded turbo was fitted including Inlet manifold and all plumbing. A larger front mount intercooler was fitted into the front end along with an engine oil cooler and all plumbing including oil thermostat fitted. With the radiator upgraded at the same time, cooling duties were no doubt now under control to keep all coolant inlet air and engine oil temps in check. With the car having a date for the dyno and pile more power in just a few days, the fuel pump was also upgraded!

With the car still in the air and engine coming back together, the suspension was next in our sights – Whiteline swaybars and KW Variant 3 Coilovers all found their way onto the RS as well as offset bushes to get camber under control.

Before the new wheels (yes, he replaced them too!) were fitted the AP Racing six-pot brakes were fitted and bled up with race-quality brake fluid – all in time to get the car back on the ground for dyno tuning!

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