Project THR86 gets new suspension and brakes

And the development Begins!



With the tyres supplied by Toyo we can now get down the the task of developing the chassis knowing we have the consistency in the tyres to measure the dynamic improvements on the road and at the track.

We working quite close with our technical partners with this project and as such we have the support of Tein Australia and the guys at Super Pro who are also involved in sorting through the improvements to the chassis and setup of the vehicle.


We’ve chosen this path as the new Roll Control swaybars from Super Pro are actually a hollow bar and among other benefits this means we can keep the weight of the car down while improving the overall grip of the car with the right component selection. This path of improving grip and minimisin wieght will be the theme of the THR 86 as we want to ensure the basic philosphy of the 86 / BRZ platform is maintained, even with our enhancement and development program. At all times we want the car to lively, fun and a real drivers car.


Fitting the new Tein Coilovers we spent some time juggling spring rates to ensure we were happy with that the balance and nature of the car has been maintained. Even with the Spec R tyres (which run a stronger and stiffer sidewall) we worked toward a spring rate setup that allows the suspension to more under the car instead of bouncing around the road. Ultimately the job of the suspension is to keep the tyre in contact with the road as often as possible – and too stiff can mean you literally bounce off it or skin across it. This meant checking on the car that we can addequate bump movement from our target ride hieght as well as reasonable droop – Which is how far the wheel can move down before it reaches it’s mecahnical limit and simply ‘tops out’ (This is when the wheel is no longer in contact with the ground).

You can read more about the Tein product Line-up here: Tein Coilover and Suspension

Or, a run down on Super Pro and thier suspension solutions here: Super Pro


In this vedieo (Project 86 Part 3) you will see the basic install of the Teins as well as some of base dyno runs we performed here at Tunehouse on the Dynapack hub dyno to get some engine power and torque data to start our performance development from. Just like every 86 / BRZ the THR 86 suffers from the fluctuating torque they’ve become known for which you can feel on the road as surgin under acceleration – This will be one of the first things we aim to iron out!

 Stay tuned for Part 4 – We’ll be fitting some light weight alloy calipers to the front end as well as braided brake lines and some THR CS (Clubsport) brake pads. We’ve seen some serious massive brake hardware fitted to these cars at various shops however we beleive awesome improvement can be made with a light weight solutions and retention of much of the factory setup. DBA Slotted Clubsport rotors will be fitted in preparation for Hot Tuner Challenge along with the Caliper upgrade mentioned above and our special pads – Stay tuned!

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