Plex Tuning introduces Smart Dash Display & Logger

PlexLogoEver wished you had a dedicated motorsport monitor that resolved all your dash-related frustrations? One that provided the information you required, configurable on the fly, without distracting your attention?

And what if this same display could also let you review your log files in a snap without the need for a PC or a race data engineer?

The new PLEX SDM-500 is here to enable you drive smarter and safer. Relying on the facts, not intuition. 

The PLEX SDM-500® is a new 4.3” dash display and logger from Plex Tuning that provides smart real-time engine data displaying, full on-device configuration, data-logging and data-log reviewing (device & PC), and all of which are effortlessly enabled by its accompanying wired joystick.


Featuring an ultra-bright, high contrast & resolution 4.3” display that is hosted in a rugged aluminum body with a depth of only 19mm (including the wiring connector), the PLEX SDM-500® is profoundly convenient and unintrusive when it comes to mounting it on existing dashboards.

It supports most after-markets ECUs and also connects easily to all OEM ECUs that provide an ISO 15765 OBD protocol (OBD II). It can be used both as an automotive data monitor and logger as well as a dependable tool for daily dyno tuning. 

PLexDash_DaylightViewWith luminance of 1,000 candela per square meter (cd/m2) and resolution of 480 x 272, you end up with a strikingly vivid monitor that is easily readable both in direct daylight and low light ambient conditions.

PlexDash_QuickGlanceConfigurable 3-level parameter color-coding minimises distraction and communicates engine status easily with just a quick glance. Define the low (blue), normal (green) and high (red) level for every displayed engine parameter and the SDM-500® will colour it accordingly once the values hit that range.

This way you will know almost instinctively through your peripheral vision when something is out-of-place and if it requires your further attention.


7 auto-dimmable shift-light LEDS with configurable set point per gear and also step distance per rpm (eg. every 100rpm) ensure optimised gear changing while keeping you fully focused on your driving.



A high-quality and durability tycoSpec 44
wiring comes default with every SDM-500® and provides reliable connectivity to a variety of inputs and outputs.

Plex SDM-500 Display and Logger Dash is available exclusively from Tunehouse.
For more information call us on 02 9557-4000 or email

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