Plex Pro Boost Controller – now available exclusively at Tunehouse!


Experience the next generation of boost control with the Plex Tuning PBC Pro Boost Controller!

Integrating top level boost control and display into a compact unit, the PBC Pro is the perfect way to get more out of your turbocharged vehicle. The new PBC Pro now supports Porsche 996T as well as advanced OBD parameters on all TFSI engines in Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda includig knock retard per cylinder. This makes it the best solution for tuned Euros on the market.


plex32The PBC Pro can support 4 adjustable user presets for quick access to different setups for different driving conditions.

Switch between them easily either by external switches or the intuitive device navigation menu. 

The PBC Pro can also display and utilise data from the factory ecu by utilizing a OBD connection. This means you can fine tune the boost curve against gear, RPM, speed, throttle and air temperature. 

plex5Keep an eye on your air fuel ratio, log your boost, set up a shift light and much more! 

By using the OBD connection to the factory ECU a vast amount of data can be displayed on the PBC unit itself, allowing for its secondary use as a dash display. 

Select up to 8 performance parameters for real-time viewing (total pool of over 40)


Here at Tunehouse, we have taken the Plex PBC Pro to the limit on our Tunehouse Racing R32 time attack car and its passed with flying colours. We are confident in the unit, and are proud to announce we are the official exclusive distributor of the Plex PBC Pro in Australia.


Call Tunehouse now for pricing as this is the most comprehensive boost controller you could ever want and we’re installing them NOW! call now on (02) 9557 4000 or email for more information – Dealer inquiries welcome!

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