Motor Mag 2010 Hot Tuner Shootout

What an awesome couple of days the Hot Tuner challenge was, we can’t wait for next year to roll around, and to keep ourselves fired up we watch these videos every other day. You should too! Check them out!

Part 1 of the Hot Tuners Video, click here.
Part 2 of the Hot Tuners Video, click here.

Tunehouse has been invited to supply cars to Australia’s top motoring magazine, “Motor”, for its August test of the top modified cars in Australia.

It’s a very interesting concept and it projects the skills of the shops involved and shows the variety in the aftermarket modification industry.

What cars have we chosen for the 2010 Tuner Challenge and why?
2008 Subaru STi for its huge potential and large local support base.

Ford FG XR6 Turbo because this is a market that we have had a lot of success with and believe that it provides a very well balanced and affordable base package.

What modifications are planned to the cars and why?

The Subaru STi features our THR Stage 4 kit, exhaust, intercooler, injectors, turbo, suspension, brakes, engine upgrade & custom tune. We believe this provides a very effective weekend track racing package but can still be driven on the road as a daily driver.

The Ford FG XR6T features our THR Stage 1.5 kit, injectors, exhaust, custom tune, suspension & brake upgrade (yet to be decided). We have utilised this setup to address the cars native weaknesses as it was designed as a family sedan and to make use of the cars potential.


What work is required (testing etc) during the lead up to the shootout?

We have a proven power upgrades for both cars and there won’t be too much work needed to get them up to the expected levels.

The Subaru STi has had the kit already installed and we are in the process of rebuilding the engine. It will undergo circuit and quarter mile testing. The owner has had extensive experience rallying overseas and along with our knowledge of these cars we will continue to tune the suspension and car setup.

The Ford FG XR6T will have the installation and tuning of the abovementioned kit as the car is unmodified at the moment. We have a lot of experience getting these cars down the quarter mile and expect that the car will be competitive. We will be taking the car to some track days to test the suspension setup.


What are our predictions on the event and our personal goals at the comp?

Subaru STi: Power: 300awkw Quarter Mile: Low 12s Circuit: n/a

Ford FG XR6T: Power: 320rwkw Quarter Mile: 12.5s Circuit: n/a

Overall both cars should be very well balanced for their power and should perform consistently.


What are our overall thoughts on the event and the benefits it brings?

This event is going to give us an opportunity to gauge where we are at with respect to the other local tuners. The exposure should hopefully help raise the awareness that Tunehouse is one of Australia’s leading tuners.

Both cars should be very reliable and effective thanks to the protection provided by the Castrol oils.