New Wakefield Record for the Tunehouse 86!


It’s an interesting feeling approaching a race track.  Depending on your circumstances, tensions can vary; if you’re an employee of Tunehouse and you were present until the wee hours of the morning that very same day prepping the to be tracked car, you’re probably feeling pretty weary.   If you’re the car’s owner Jim and you were dyno tuning the machine ‘til the same hour of the morning, you’re likely experiencing a combination of weariness and excitement.  If however you’re part of the team whose vehicle already claims the title of Wakefield’s fastest ever 86 – and it has only been worked on and improved since the last visit – you’ll all be sharing another feeling: confidence.

With not another car on the track and anything but no clouds in the sky, Wakefield raceway gave with one hand and took with the other.  The team arrived mid morning after shipping out from the Tunehouse base not long after eight o’clock, meeting up with Trackschool’s friend and driver John “Boz” Boston upon arrival.  As you might expect, accompanying the aforementioned clouds was freezing weather and it took until shortly after arrival for the morning dew to clear from the tarmac.

On the last visit the freshest modifications to the Tunehouse 86 were the Whiteline rear suspension bushes and the AP big brake kit.  Track wheels with new rubber in the form of Yokohama AD08 R’s were on order and unfortunately failed to make it onto the car in time.  Despite this, the previous record was toppled with a 1:09.42, achieved on 12 month old street tyres.  Boz reckoned the 86 was worth a 1.07 on race rubber, so this was the goal to meet.

Fresh tread wasn’t the only thing giving the car a new edge; Jim was tuning the car half way ‘til dawn for one reason and one reason alone – E85.  The vegetable juice in the tank made for an immense performance improvement – a 50 KW gain over the previously used fossil flavoured food.  The icing on top of the North-of-200 RWKW cake was some weight saving in the form of stripped rear seats, boot trim, spare tyre and tool kit.

With the car prepped and Boz piloting lap one saw the last record hit out the window.  A 1:08.2 made for more than a second of improvement since the last visit – an awesome achievement.  This wasn’t good enough for Boz and as ever it was immediately back to the pits for some tweaking and adjusting.  The coilovers were softened all round before rolling out again for a few more laps.  The best was still yet to come and under recommendation the rear sway bar was softened before lap four.  This proved to be the last thing needed to bring the one minute seven prediction to life.  Boz crossed the line with not a split second to spare, wrangling in a 1:07.99!

With the news hitting the pits there was nothing but excitement from the Tunehouse team.  Feeling relieved and accomplished, all was packed up and the 86 put back on the road for the three hour battle home through Sydney’s infamous peak hour traffic.  The leading competitor’s record stands at more than one and a half seconds off at 1:09.8, so the late night turned early morning definitely paid off.  With nothing holding back the car for this session, the future modifications will be the only guide as to the track times to come.


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