New Build Diary for our 86 Demo Car

For those that are interested in the development of our Toybaru 86 demo car we have something that will interest you.

In the past we have used one or two different methods to document online the work carried out to the car.  We’ll admit that sometimes the updates these were inconsistent and at times completely absent.

We recently however we started a new forum-based build thread, which we will be working on to show people what the 86 has had done to it every step of the way, along with the track times to boot.

Think of it as a dairy for our 86.  At the moment, only the first few mods have been posted up in the thread.  Updates will be posted up every couple of days, so if you’re keen to learn the ins and outs of our demo car remember to check back regularly.

If you have some questions about the car, you’re encouraged post in the thread and ask us.  We’ll get back to you and might even have some specific photos to share which will be able to help.

Check out the build thread on the following link:

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