Hot Hatches go head to head at the Mazda MPS vs Ford XR5 Dyno Day

Tunehouse opened the doors on Saturday (19th November) for a Hot Hatch Showdown! A Dyno Day with a twist where we wanted to see everything the XR5 and MPS 3 clubs could bring – And bring it they did!

Although getting quite warm towards lunchtime, It was an otherwise perfect Sydney Saturday morning with the sun shining and no rain clouds to be seen. The shop opened at 8.30 to find the car park full of eager enthusiasts and the street filling up with spectators!

With the Tunehouse workshop looking as pretty as ever, we invited the first of many cars onto the dyno and the proceedings began. The MPS 3s had an early lead with strong numbers heading quickly toward the 200KW figure until an Sam’s blue Mazda tipped the scales taking even an owner surprising 204KW lead!

While the Tunehouse team of technicians were busy loading cars on and off the dyno, Jim was spreading his wisdom evenly between the owners from both camps. Tunehouse have years of experience with both of these platforms and know too well the pro’s and con’s of both. The XR5 shares it’s inline 5 Cylinder Turbo motor with Volvo and MPS 3’s 2.3L is (ironically) pretty heavily loaded with Ford Engineering! Read more about the Tunehouse devised upgrades kits for your XR5, MPS3 or any number of other supported vehicles.

With Lamb Souvlaki hot off the BBQ and some refreshments on onboard, the post Lunch fun saw things hot up – The MPS 3 brigade came from behind to a solid lead when Peter’s Gen 2 MPS 3 laid down 221KW – 15KW clear of anything else on the day! Peter offcourse was pretty chuffed with this however the day was not yet over…

Tunehouse regular (also a Pete), lined up with his XR5 and set the bar that much higher with a 234Kw run – Taking outright honours for the Hot Hatch showdown and being 47KW clear of every other XR5 on the day! The day wrapped up with Jim thanking everyone for their help and support and announcing the winners who were awarded some fantastic Whiteline Gear! Jim thanks everyone including the Tunehouse time for taking the time, the clubs for the show out and of course Whiteline for offering the prizes to liven up the event and set some friendly competition!

Keep an eye on the Tunehouse facebook page, or check in on the website from time to time for updates on Tunehouse’s next open day or Dyno day – Or simply give us a call (02) 9557 4000 / email us at info@tunehouse for the latest advise and best pricing for your project!



    Owner Vehicle Rego KW1
1   George Paradisis MPS BEA08J 168.5
2   Andrew Turner MPS BGY76J 163.03
3   Sam Green MPS BGH40Y 204.8
4   Stephen Reed MPS BPN05L 188.1
5   Peter Curic MPS GNA3KU 221.8
6   Tyson Parbety XR5 XR52BY 173.3
7   Jessica Clarke XR5 JC303 158.9
8   Peter Beyerman XR5 BPQ96F 234
9   Luke Johnson XR5 AXO17C 186.95

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