Jim’s Word – December 2014: Sun, sand and superchargers

November has been a busy month for Tunehouse. THR 86 hardly spent any time in the workshop making celebrity appearances at various events.


I must say the car’s popularity has surpassed my expectations but at the same time it’s rewarding to see people in the know (like HKS’s Export Manager, Yoshiro Suzuki and Toyota’s chief engineer, Tetsuya Tada) show interest in the car and its achievements.


With summer just around a corner it’s worth remembering the importance of preventative maintenance. Over the years we have performed a number of expensive repairs that could have been prevented with a simple oil or coolant change.


Many people don’t realise that coolants lose their cooling properties over time and need to be replaced. With the temperatures soaring, it’s important to keep your cooling system in top shape.


A faulty cooling system can lead to serious problems like radiator failure or even a blown head gasket. Apart from being stuck on the side of the road you will also be up for a hefty repair bill.


Don’t let that happen, book your car in for our Summer Check and drive away with a peace of mind. After all, summer should be all about sun, surf and holidays not busted hoses, leaking radiators and blown head gaskets!

Until next time, happy motoring!

Jim Ghelis