Jim’s Word – August 2014: Hot Tuner and real world performance

The August issue of Motor Magazine is out and it looks like the judges just couldn’t get enough of Tunehouse cars! Sure, there were more powerful and outright faster cars at the event but reading the judges’ quotes it seems like massive horsepower and insane top speed are not the “be all and end all” these days. 

Which brings me to my next point which is “real world performance”. Unless you are building a dedicated drag, circuit or rally car, you will rarely explore the upper limits of your car’s performance. Why then focus all your attention on pushing the least used area of the dyno graph while ignoring the part where you’ll spend most of your time in.

A well thought out and implemented 400hp package will be as exciting and a lot more useable day in – day out than a 1000hp package which is really intended only for track or strip usage. A quote from Motor’s review of our Clubsport R8 backs this up: “Because it hasn’t been turned into a tyre frier, you can really use the torque and drive it hard out of the corners. It’s a good, driveable car that you can use every day!” 


The aim of our performance upgrades has always been to provide maximum enjoyment across a whole range of applications, to match the power output with the brakes, driveline and suspension. To provide a “total performance experience”.

V8 Supercars driver and Hot Tuner judge Warren Luff summed it aptly while reviewing our supercharged Nissan 370Z: “This is how it should come from the factory. The chassis and engine work complement each other so we are not seeing one thing that’s dominant in the car, it’s the overall package.” 


I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Until next time, happy motoring!
Jim Ghelis.

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