Jim’s Word – September 2014: Carburettors, EFI and classic cars.

When I first started in this business, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) was a relatively new thing. Most popular cars were still using carburettors or mechanical injection and most workshops had the know-how necessary to work on those systems.


These days, I fear, the art of tuning a carburetted system is almost lost. While I spend a considerable amount of time ensuring all Tunehouse equipment and staff are up to date with the latest EFI technology I still enjoy tinkering with old-school cars.

Unlike tuning an ECU where you can adjust fuel maps throughout the entire rev range, carburetors are all about fine adjustment and compromise – finding that sweet spot where the car idles well while still delivering in the mid-range and not running out of fuel up the top.


It’s a tricky procedure but when you get it right, that old engine will feel young again. Judging by the amount of classic and vintage cars we are seeing at the workshop recently I think the owners appreciate the difference too, after all, those cars were meant to be driven!

Until next time, happy motoring!

Jim Ghelis