HKS returns to D1 Grand Prix in 2012 in a Toyota 86

HKS re affirms it’s motorsport heritage by Entering the D1 in a new Toyota 86

Tunehouse Announces HKS back in D1

Everyone is excited about the new (shared platform) ’86’ that Toyota has come together with Subaru to release world wide including coming to our shores here in Australia. This car was rumoured to be built as a ‘modifiable’ car to bring some enthusiasm to the new range with a well, but not overpowered 2.0L NA engine, RWD and ‘just enough’ grip this car is sure to get some attention regardless what badge adorns it!

HKS President (Hiroyuki Hasegawa) has said, ‘Motor sports activities are the origin of HKS “challenging sprit”. HKS will keep challenging with high aspiration and we will share our dream and sensation with our fans…

We have chosen TOYOTA 86 as a base car. Taking part in the top tuning category of “D1”with the latest high-profile FR car enables us to feedback the technology obtained throughthis competition for our new product development. HKS will release remarkable and high performance products for TOYOTA 86…’

HKS  resumes its participation in the D1 Grand Prix after a 6 year absence with Mr Nobuteru Tanigushi at the steering wheel. As with all HKs tuning parts, we can no doubt expect some fantastic innovation and products derived from the program that will filter down to the mainstream offering with weeks of the development program in Japan.

Tunehouseare a HKS Pro / F-Con Dealer and are the local technical support for HKS in Sydney, Australia meaning we will have access to AND be giving feedback on the products the minute they’re available for testing. Thinking about purchasing a new toyotas 86 or Subaru BRZ? Call Tunehouse now for the latest info on parts, upgradse and tuning for what is likely to have a massive cult following as they fall into the hands of Australian enthusiasts!

Tunehouse is located at 11 Chalder Street, Marrickville – Can always be contact at, called on (02) 9557 4000 or simply drop past and check out Australia’s most professional workshop for yourself and experience the Tunehouse difference!




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