Grip Dynamics Explained – New Products for your VW and Audi


Tunehouse is pleased to announce the new ‘Grip Dynamics’ system which improves grip for better handling and performance by focussing on key alignment and dynamic handling elements.

Supaloy Arm replaces the entire lower control arm (the factory unit is made from steel) with a heavy duty and light weight Allot replacement arm. These arms can be fitted to over 90% of the Audi, VW and Skoda vehicle population on sale in Australia now and offer fantastic benefits!

Superior Super Light Alloy Control Arm
Lighter, Leaner and lower unsprung weight
44% lighter than factory arm
WHICH MEANS: More Responsive Handling and Smoother Ride! Performance Grip

Up to 1.5 degrees extra positive castor
SuperTrac Anti-Lift Geometry for more traction
WHICH MEANS: Less Understeer, higher corner speeds!

Smart Bushes and Mount Design
Special low friction stainless steel insert
Bush bonded directly to high-stress alloy bracket
WHICH MEANS: Better Turn In, More Driver Feedback!

The benefits or more consistent alignment geometry, improved castor and lightened unsprung weight are universally accepted as pure gold when it comes to upgrading suspension and improving the driving experience. Contact Tunehouse today on (02) 9557 4000  or email us at for more information on how we can improve you car!


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