Great news for all VE owners from Tein Suspension and Tunehouse!

Great news for VE owners from Tein and Tunehouse

Tunehouse is excited to announce 2 great new products from technical partners TEIN for the Holden VE Platform. After almost 2 years of development on the THR R8, ‘TEIN Mono Flex’ are now available alongside the ‘TEIN Sport’ entry level system that represents amazing value for money. In any case and regardless your plans, there is a suspension solution to suit available at Holden and HSV Specialist, Tunehouse

VE – Tein Sports Kit
RRP: $1500.00 + fitting (current at March 2012)


The TEIN Sport Damper is the evolution of the popular BASIC Coil over. Developed to provide a sports ride and aggressive stance. The shortened shell case design provides optimum damper stroke at lower than standard vehicle ride height. Vehicle ride height is adjustable via the ZT coated threaded sleeve. Updated internal components and external coatings increase durability and product life. Sport dampers are great for daily driving and spirited driving for all types of drivers. Made in Japan under strict quality control standards and developed by Fulcrum suspension engineers.

Suits VE Commodore Sedan, Wagon & Ute

Front Spring Rate 7.0kg/mm
Rear Spring Rate 9.0kg/mm

Ride Height Drop Range
Front: -31mm to -55mm
Rear -35mm to -55mm


VE – Tein Mono Flex Kit
RRP: $3960.00 + fitting (current at March 2012)

This Mono Flex kit is designed specifically for the VE Commodore Sedan, Wagon & Ute. Engineered in Japan, in conjunction with Fulcrum Suspensions own R & D team, to deliver the very best possible Sports Suspension solution in one complete package for this iconic Australian car.

These damper kits are best suited for that run at the circuit or to aggressively challenge that winding road. Mono Flex Coilovers have both direct feel, and flexibility required for superior car setup and control.

Suits VE Commodore Sedan, Wagon & Ute

Front Spring Rate 7.0kg/mm
Rear Spring Rate 8.5kg/mm

Ride Drop Range
Front -25mm to -55mm
Rear -25mm to -55mm 

Mono Tube Construction – For fine control of the suspension with aggressive, yet detailed, feel for the road surface. The use of mono-tube generates linear damping force, which reacts to even the tiniest input from road surface, to produce a stable, constant damping force, which can be maintained, even for an extensive circuit run.

Full Length Ride Height Adjustment System – Full length adjustment system with the use of movable lower bracket allows for separate adjustment of ride height and pre-load on the front only. Bump-to-re-bump stroke ratio from 1G would not be affected if ride height is adjusted only by the use of lower bracket.

Damping Force Adjustment Feature (Compression & Rebound together) – Equipped with a 16-level, separate adjustment feature for finer setting capabilities, this enables Mono Flex to meet wide varieties of conditions. Now with the adjuster on the bottom of the front strut and the side of the rear damper, this allows for the provision for fitment of the EDFC motors and in car controller.

Micro Speed Valve – With the newly developed M.S.V. system, the required damping force in very low speed ranges can be well maintained for better stability, improving steering response, road traction and traction performance.

Rust Proofing on Threads – All threaded parts on the shell cases are coated with specially formulated Fluorine, for outstanding rust protection as well as for smoother ride height adjustment. Electro less nickel coating combined with powder coating is applied to lower brackets. Complete Kit. Shock absorbers, springs and upper mounts come in ‘Complete Kit’ to assure correct balance and a complete package.

Call Tunehouse for any of your TEIN or suspension enquiries on (02) 9557 4000 or email us now at

With all the experience we’ve had on the street, strip and at the track with the VE Commodore platform you can be sure we’ll have the best advice and solutions. Tunehouse has been a long time supporter of the TEIN range of products – Even the Tunehouse R8 Development vehicle driven daily by our very own Jim Ghelis was instrumental in the development of the Mono Flex range with Tein!

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