Don’t skimp on motor oil – your car will thank you!

To a casual onlooker an engine looks like a big metal box that apart from an occasional vibration does not move much at all. Nothing could be further from the truth. Inside that big metal box are hundreds of moving parts travelling at extraordinarily high speeds.

 All that movement creates a great amount of friction and the only thing preventing those moving parts from wearing themselves down is a lubricant most commonly known as the “engine oil”.

Engine oil creates a protective coating around all moving parts providing a thin surface for them to glide on. A well lubricated engine will not only last longer but also use less fuel, so regular oil changes are not just a preventative maintenance, they also help lower your petrol bills!


As important as regular oil changes are, so is the type and quality of oil you use. Full synthetic oils offer better and longer protection than their mineral counterparts. Oils are also graded by their viscosity factor at low and high temperatures. You might have noticed two numbers on every oil bottle with a letter “W” after them. The lower number is the low temperature viscosity while the higher number is the high temperature viscosity.  You should only use a grade of oil that is right for your car.


So, to avoid seeing that dreaded “check oil” light make sure your car’s lubrication system in a good working order, have your oil changed regularly and only use the right grade and type of oil.  Depending on the use of your car and the climate it will be used in, we’ll be able to recommend the correct oil for your application.


At Tunehouse we understand the importance of lubrication; we have seen too many engines seized or prematurely worn out as a result of old/incorrect/inadequate oil. When you leave your car with us you can rest assured we will always use the best quality oil that is right for your car and remind you when your next change is due. It’s something we call The Tunehouse Difference.


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