Britain’s finest – tuning Aston Martin’s V12 Vantage

Brands don’t get more British than Aston Martin. It is after all James Bond’s car of choice in most of his on-screen adventures.


The car exudes quality from every angle, from carbon fibre panels, carbon brake rotors and low, aggressive stance to decisively upmarket yet very functional interior.


But it’s under the bonnet that you’ll find the car’s biggest asset. The all-alloy, quad overhead cam, 48 valve, 5933cc, naturally aspirated V12 engine is one of the most refined engines in the world today.


So what can be improved on a car that’s already an engineering marvel? As it turns out, quite a few things. This particular Vantage received a full Tunehouse-spec exhaust system, complete with headers, cat and mufflers along with a Tunehouse custom duno tune.


The result – 44kW gain at the wheels and a killer exhaust sound.

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