Another day at the track – another lap record for the THR-86

What do you do when you already have the fastest Toyota 86 in the country? You make it even faster, of course!


The THR-86 Project has been one of constant development and it’s not going to stop just because we have broken a record or two. After all, our motto of “continuous pursuit of excellence” is not just an empty phrase – it’s a philosophy we live by.


As soon as the THR-86 cooled down from its last outing we were back on it, tinkering, tweaking and upgrading. The HKS supercharger kit came under scrutiny and was modified to work more efficiently. The car was then retuned until Jim was happy with the power and torque curves.


Next on the list was suspension. The car went to the suspension experts – Bilstein.  It came back with a custom Tunehouse-spec Bilstein suspension kit. We threw on a set of super sticky Hankook tyres and we were ready for another track day.


Our development driver, John “Boz” Boston was looking forward to throwing the car around the Wakefield Park Raceway again. John was instrumental in the car’s development and his input as an experienced race driver has been invaluable.


With more power, better suspension, sticky tyres and a new rear wing the car looked fast on the track and it didn’t take long before Boz cracked our previous record.


The new lap record of 1.04.6 is 3.3 seconds faster than our previous PB and cements the THR-86 status as the fastest car of its kind in the country!


“The most important thing to remember,” noted Jim on the way back, “is that all this knowledge and technology trickles down to every entry-level 86/BRZ tune we do. The lessons we learn while pushing the envelope with our project car benefit all our customers.”

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