An American icon drops by Tunehouse for some TLC

In the automotive world there are few badges as iconic as the galloping pony found on the grille of a Ford Mustang.


This particular car has been freshly imported from the United States and has undergone a full restoration.


Painstaking attention to detail is noticeable from every angle.


Most parts on the car are either original or carefully manufactured replicas. The car looks and feels almost identical to the way it was back in 1966.


Built in December 1966, the odometer reads only 22,284 original miles.


The passionate attention to detail continues inside with the lovingly restored dash and trim.


The 289ci, V8 Windsor engine might look simple compared to current, high tech engines but it requires just as much care and preventative maintenance.


Good thing the team at Tunehouse are well versed in old school, carburettor technology and love working on classic cars.


While at Tunehouse the car was fitted with new brakes and wheel bearings and received a service which revealed an oil leak and some wiring problems.


With all the problems fixed, the Mustang is now being prepared for registration.


Do you have a classic or vintage car? Don’t take it to just any workshop, leave your pride and joy with the people know how to take care of it.


For all classic and vintage car servicing and repairs call Tunehouse on 02 9557 4000 or email

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