A bit of R&D goes a long way when custom tuning turbo diesels

We’ve been doing a fair bit of R&D in the turbo diesel area lately. When done properly, modern turbo diesel engines can pick up quite a lot of power and torque with a custom tune.


This Polyair Springs Holden Colorado is a case in point. The car is far from standard with X-Force three-inch exhaust system, Bilstein B6 Offroad shock absorbers, two-inch lift and of course Polyair Springs.


The engine however is very much in a factory trim. With some expert tweaking by Jim and a Unichip Q4 custom tune, we were able to find another 35kW and 103Nm of torque.


To top it all off Jim was able to increase the car’s fuel economy, the average consumption went from 11.4L down to to 10.3L/100km with no change in driving behaviour. Talk about a win-win situation!


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