6 Things to check before you leave for your summer holiday


6. Lubrication
Make sure you car has fresh oil (engine and transmission) for summer. This is especially important if you’re planning a big trip over the Christmas period.


5. Suspension and brakes
These may not need changing but it’s always worthwhile to have them checked before summer.


4. Wheels and Tyres
Worn out tyres and incorrectly balanced or un-aligned wheels can be dangerous. Have them checked and fixed if needed.


3. Air Conditioning
You won’t know that your air-con needs re-gassing until it’s too late. Have it checked with your next service.


2. Windscreen wipers
Summer usually means sun and hot weather but it’s not uncommon to also get heavy downpours. Don’t get caught out with worn out windscreen wipers, have them checked and replaced if necessary.


1. Coolant
The cooling system will be working overtime to keep your engine’s temperature within recommended limits. Now is the time to have it flushed and replenished with new fluids.

Summer-service1Book your car for service with Tunehouse and we will ensure all the 6 points are checked and fixed if necessary.

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